Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eye Jammie Fine Arts Gallery

NYC's eyejammie- Hip-Hop Art & Photography.

Located in Chelsea, Manhattan, the eyejammie gallery is a collection of classic and iconic photos from the history of hip-hop culture. From black-and-white shots of Biggie backstage to snaps of graffiti and street art, wild parties with big speakers to quiet moments in the lives of modern poets - they document a culture with a depth that is hard to find, especially in hip-hop. Founded by renowned journalist/publicist Bill Adler, the gallery is the closest thing to a "Hip-hop Hall of Fame" out there. On their website, they have posted some of the previous exhibits, which are each worth checking out – my personal favorite is this year's exhibit of art inspired by graf writers, commissioned by SHR. Go take a look online, and when they bring another exhibit through, New Yorkers may find it worth a couple hours to stop by.


Source: Audible Treats

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